Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Jennifer Blowdryer and Lenore Waters: The Revolution of 1964

Reviewed by Christopher Robin

Christopher advises that he has met Jennifer Blowdryer, but she is so glamerous she may not admit it. He has not said anything about Lenore Waters, which does not see fair, even if she does not have as great a name as Blowdryer. But she is just as hot and plugged in, I'm sure.

$5.95. Available through: Zeitgeist Press, 327 Carlisle Crossing Street, Las Vegas, NV 89138-1514. Website: www.Zeitgest-Press.com.

In these short, untitled, conversational poems Blowdryer sometimes ends with the words: “shit, fuck, what the hell!” as if you were riding a NYC subway with her after last call, gossiping and grousing. “civilization on a dime/that’s us.” “The ones who used to ask me why my hair was blue? It’s blue because the world is fucked up/and I just want a little fun”.

Always clever and to the point, Blowdryer is a damn good writer with the gift to deliver an understated anecdote.

This is a combination chap with her mother, Lenore Waters, who is equally as talented. The coupling of a punk icon and her Beat Generation mother provides great insight into two generations of rebellious women.

Lenore Waters weaves a story well in “Beat Poet,” when in 1980 her daughter tells her about an old drunk Beat hanging around-“never heard of him”, her mother, realizing it is Corso, then reflects on the man she knew in his better days. Lenore Waters' poems are emotionally driven as well as entertaining, a talented writer I hope to read more from.

Blowdryer is witty as fuck and punker than you.

20 pages.

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