Thursday, January 04, 2007

Alan Catlin: Thou Shall Not Kill

Reviewed by Christopher Robin.

Christopher has apparently not met Alan, so it should go without saying that Alan has apparently not met Christopher. Maybe they should meet. Send donations to The Christopher and Alan Should Meet Committee c/o this review blog.

$5, Chiron Review Press
522 E. South Ave
St John, Kansas

21 pages

A long poem delivering matter of fact lines attacking Bush, specifically during the time of Hurricane Katrina and also against the war, etc. A meaningful and original piece, though the subject matter has many times been written, a news-poem of this sort is a necessary archive.

On Katrina: “now that the avenging angel of doom in the form of a force 5 hurricane has invaded our borders/has landed dead center in the below sea level city of NOLA”. Throughout he attacks religion & capitalism and lashes out at current state of the apocalypse in a litany of doom reminiscent of a political treatise by Hirschman or Winans.

“Protest is what keeps America free/not your america/your America is an illusion/a delusion of isolationism & ignorance.”

This is a poem I will not soon forget.

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