Friday, January 12, 2007

Andrew Scott: Modern Love

Reviewed by: Christopher Robin

Christopher has not said whether or not he knows Andrew. Not that he's refused, he just hasn't said. So, is this a secret kinda thing we should look into, or is he rebelling? Maybe it's because Christopher is a poet and zine creator. Zen Baby is his baby, and the latest issue is hot off the presses. You can order it from Christopher himself for $2 (please add postage!), free to prisoners Zen Baby is usually published twice per year. Order info:Christopher Robin, PO Box 1611, Santa Cruz, CA 95061-1611. You can also check out Christopher's available work on the ULA website, at:

As for Modern Love, it is a well-worth-it $10.
For a copy: Andrew Scott, Sunnyoutside Press P.O. Box 441429 Somerville, MA 02144. Or,
The book is also available on Amazon.

Sunnyoutside’s 2nd fiction chapbook, Modern Love is a short story about a young couple: a failed band promoter and his girlfriend, a bartender, determined to leave Indiana and get rich on the music scene in California. Together they cut loose of their small town, sell everything, and jump into their Chevy Cavalier, headed for Los Angeles.

On the way there, they discuss their dreams and learn that they have very different musical tastes, which sets the tone for their whole relationship. Their car breaks down and they encounter a strange but helpful person in Tucson that changes both their lives forever.

This story has many synchronistic overtones about fate, destiny and choice. The ending may surprise you.

Sunnyoutside is one of the best small presses to come out in the last few years. The publisher has a unique sense for finding quality work. Not only are the chapbooks themselves works of art, his choice of authors never seems to disappoint. This a great story and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

The book includes illustrations by Ed Herrera.


The Lettershaper said...

As a poet, and an avid reader, I have to say that I very much enjoyed my leisurely stroll through your was time well spent; entertaining and enlightening. I invite you to visit my own, if you like...

Andrew Scott said...

I've never met anyone named Christopher Robin, though I did watch Winnie the Pooh cartoons as a child. Does that count? I hope not.

Thanks for the kind words.


Victor Schwartzman said...

On behalf of Christopher, you're welcome. As for his being a count, some say he does come from royalty--but don't count that against him....

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