Monday, October 30, 2006

Christopher Robin: Freaky Mumbler's Manifesto

I Hate Microsoft Word But I Love Christopher Robin

Reviewed by Misti Rainwater-Lites

Misti acknowledges that she knows Christopher! You got a problem with that?

I. Hate. Microsoft Word. I have published several of my books at and each time the process has made me tear my hair out strand by strand. Santa Claus, bring this bitch a Mac for xmas!!! Just to illustrate how strongly I believe in Christopher Robin's poetry, I spent two days cleaning up the manuscript he e-mailed me and braving the wilds of Microsoft Word to put Freaky Mumbler's Manifesto together in the best possible way. I own the original edition of Freaky Mumbler's Manifesto which Christopher compares to a coloring book due to the size. The freakishly large size does not detract from the pleasure I experienced reading Christopher's poems. Christopher Robin is a true survivor. His poems were not written in an ivory tower but on the road, in a Section 8 apartment, at the carnival, in the depths of hell. You will not find a poetry book of this caliber at Borders or Barnes & Noble. If we lived in a more progressive society, a society that did not reward mindless mediocrity and overt sexuality with nothing behind it (hello, Britney/Christina/Fergie/Beyonce/et al!!!), Christopher Robin would be a billionaire. Bill Gates should not be a billionaire, by the way, because MICROSOFT WORD SUCKS!!! Buy Freaky Mumbler's Manifesto and become acquainted with a man who is famous but not rich, a man who knows how to heckle the hecklers right back, a man who embodies my favorite word, eBuLLieNCe. Christopher Robin is an ebullient son of a gun and I'm very glad to know him.

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