Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Welcome to the ULA Book Review.

Of course, it's pretty far down on the bottom of the page for a welcome, but so be it!

The Underground Literary Alliance is dedicated to supporting underground and independent writers. This site will present honest (to the point of searing) reviews of the best books of fiction and poetry around, those from both the lit-establishment and the underground. We will generally review books we think you should read, not books you should avoid.

You can find out more about the Underground Literary Alliance by checking out our website. We publish new essays on timely issues each week in our Monday Report Section. We pull no punches, no lemonades either, and forget that diet crap. Drink us deep and see what literature should be, instead of the mass market pseudo writing foisted on us all!!!

This is a volunteer project by all. Thanks to the reviewers especially, who have donated their time to make this blog special!

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